that lifetime goal called true love

About the one and only.

Life is about love. What else should we be there for ?
What’s the point of living our lives except if it’s in order to wander until you find it. Your true love. Nowadays, we are raised believing that divorce is part of our fate. We are bleeding out love on the altar of consumerism.

Why would we consider that to feel is irrational ?
Why love would be about pain?

That is the irrational fact. We kept taking the easy way, raised to fail before we even started. When it took too hard on us, we blow apart.

I suffered on the path of love but love by itself never hurt me. As I always stood as a strong women, took my responsibilities, grew, understood, learnt my own personal depth, I choose to believe, I will stand into my faith, my strength, and even if it seems delusional, instead of beginning with waiting for our time to come to an end, I will start with forever.

Trusting in my feelings, believing in him, considering that fulfill our path as human being, includes being a « we » builded on two strong and independent « me ».


inspiration Mirrors de Justin Timberlake